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Sapphire is a Nord member of the Thieves Guild residing in the city of Riften. She is originally located in The Bee and Barb there, but if the Guild is joined, she will relocate to the cistern of The Ragged Flagon.

Sapphire was conceived during the year of her mother and Glover Mallory 's relationship. When Mallory realized she was pregnant, he ran because he did not want to end up a farmer.

As a young child, Sapphire lived on a poverty-stricken pig farm with her mother and a man she believed to be her father. One night, after gaining the bandits' trust, she took a dagger and slit each of their throats as they slept. The village remained in ruin for years afterwards.

Sapphire later joined the Dark Brotherhoodbut left after being recruited to the Thieves Guild by Brynjolf. Glover, after recognizing his daughter in Riften, couldn't bear to confront her and fled to Solstheim.

Upon entering Riften, Sapphire can be overheard arguing with Shadrthe stablemaster's hand, over paying his debt. After the conversation has finished and she has walked away, Shadr will ask the Dragonborn for help regarding Sapphire. This is revealed after completing Glover's quest on Solstheim by retrieving the improved Bonemold Formula for him. He will give the Dragonborn the key to his basement, which contains leveled loot, the unique Blackguard's Armorand a letter addressed to Sapphire.

The letter details how Glover and Sapphire's mother met and fell in love, and how Glover believes he failed her for not being there to protect them when the bandits destroyed her village.

If it is delivered to Sapphire, she will give you an Exquisite Sapphirewhich has a base worth of septims. Initially, Sapphire is rarely seen in the Guild's hideout in the Ratways and is most often found above-ground, especially in the Bee and Barb.

However, after Mercer Frey betrays the Guild, and the Dragonborn returns with Karliahshe returns to stay in order to protect the hideout. So, will you tell me your real name? I don't even really know anyone here. Why do you care anyway? It's not like we're family. This is a business. I wanted to talk about Shadr's debt.

Look, this is really simple.

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I lent him some gold, he promised to pay me back and now he says he's broke. End of story.

Sapphire (Character)

I wanted to ask you about Shadr's debt. No room for anyone else in the Guild on this one. I wanted to talk to you about Shadr's debt. Uh, sorry boss. I was going to speak to Delvin about cutting the Guild in, but I forgot.

You aren't angry about it, right? Sapphire: "I'm really getting tired of your excuses. When you borrowed the money, you said you'd pay it back on time for double the usual fee.


But how was I supposed to know the shipment would get robbed? Are you saying you robbed it? Why are you doing this to me? Last warning. Pay up or else.Gems are valuable gemstones that are used to create jewelry. They can be found randomly when mining ore veins, or in random loot. A separate page details soul gemswhich are special types of gems used for soul trapping. All of the items on this page are traded by jewelry merchants, and can also be sold to general goods merchants.

Most gems that you find are randomly generated, meaning that most of the possible locations are the same for all twelve types of gem. The gems that appear in randomly-generated loot depends on the player's level. The "Level Loot " column in the following table applies to most locations where gems are found; the "Level Merchant " column only applies to merchant inventories.

Merchants do not stock diamonds, emeralds, or any flawless gems. The leveled list is weighted so that the chances of high-level gems continue to increase as your level improves e. The following table illustrates the possible outcomes of a single gem 'loot roll' at different character levels.

Having the Prowler's Profit ability from completing the quest No Stone Unturned causes many more gems to appear. Specifically, additional gems are guaranteed to appear in each of the following locations:. Statistically, urns and burial urns are by far the most common source of Prowler's Profit gems; it is entirely possible, assuming you loot every urn and burial urn you come across, to collect gems at a much faster rate than you will be capable of selling them.

Note that although many of the gems listed below are guaranteed to occur, they can be difficult or even impossible to find, as gems are particularly prone to being scattered, especially during combat, and may end up coming to rest in a location where they cannot normally be accessed. Flawless amethysts were omitted from the VendorItemGem category.

This means that they cannot be sold to jewelry merchants, but only to general goods merchants. Quest: Caught Red Handed. Quest: The Break of Dawn. Quest: Arniel's Endeavor. Jump to: navigationsearch. Amethyst 00 b Sources: Twenty-one guaranteed gems are found in 18 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are: Three centered feet south-southeast of Hela's Folly Winterhold map Two in Valthume The Reach Can be mined from amethyst geodes on Solstheim DB Uses: One amethyst is one of two items needed at a forge to create a silver amethyst ring.

An amethyst item either an amethyst, a flawless amethyst, or a silver amethyst ring is one of two items needed at the Atronach Forge to create a hostile storm atronach.Sapphirea Nord thiefis a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. She has a rather traumatic personal story and is thus a tough character, especially when it comes to repaying debts.

However, she now feels somewhat at home in the guild, although she doesn't appreciate Vipir the Fleet 's advances. Apparently, she got her name because of her penchant for the shiny gems: " They call me Sapphire because I love to steal them.

She's owed a significant sum from Shadr and she's not pleased that the payment is overdue.

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When entering Riften for the first time you will witness their verbal dispute:. Sapphire : "I'm really getting tired of your excuses.

When you borrowed the money, you said you'd pay it back on time and for double the usual fee. But how was I to know the shipment would get robbed? Are you telling me you robbed it?

Why are you doing this to me?

sapphire skyrim id

Last warning. Pay up or else.

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All I care about is the gold. Everything else is your problem. When you inquire about the debt she'll be dismissive: "I knew that stupid kid would try and find a way to weasel out of his debt.

Look, this is really simple. I lent him some gold, he promised to pay me back and now he says he's broke.

End of story. If you become a member of the Guild yourself, she'll be quite defensive: "Back off, this action's all mine. No room for anyone else in the Guild on this one. I've already made a bunch of coin off of his shipment, so anything else I squeeze out of him would be a bonus. I see what this is.

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You want me to cut you in or you'll rat me out to Brynjolf. Tell you what. I'll give you a share right now if you forget the whole thing. Oh, if you see Shadr, remind him he still owes me that debt. Calm down. Let's just think about this for a moment. You win. Tell Shadr he can forget the debt. If you're the Guildmaster, she will be understandably nervous: "Oh, you heard about that, huh? Uh, sorry boss.

I was going to speak to Delvin about cutting the Guild in, but I forgot. You aren't angry about it, right? Here you go.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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Flawless Sapphire Item ID

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Mainstream media now brings the heads of these services on air and passes them off as analysts, affording people like Bell streams of new customers and free advertising a salesman could scarcely imagine. Scribes and sportscasters alike present Bell as the oracle of Las Vegas. You can hear him on Stephen A. A few years ago, he wrote a regular betting column for Grantland. On Twitter, his followers number more than 117,000.

From a young age I watched haggard men peddle worthless tip sheets at the racetrack. If a handicapper truly had an edge, I quickly learned, he would guard it. He would have everything to losequite literallyby advertising it. This axiom seems to escape journalists increasingly wading into covering sports betting, to say nothing of the desperate customers paying for picks.

I spent a year investigating the tout industry and discovered the same old racket, wrapped in sophisticated-looking, digital-era packaging. In private, Bell seems to tell a different story.

If you came across RJ Bell on ESPN or glanced at the cover of The New York Times Magazine a few years ago, you would find no reason to question his credibility. Go to Pregame, and you only find winning records. But running a tout service is an ongoing sleight of hand, beginning with those records.

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